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Living in a shared apartment in Toulouse

Toulouse, the capital of the Occitanie region, is a city that welcomes a lot of students, just like Lyon or Paris, and where life is pleasant, whether for studying or for working. It deserves your full attention. It is rather easy to find an accommodation in Toulouse, because there is a large number of student accommodations in the city and the real estate market is not as tight as in other cities. However, more and more French people are coming to live in the pink city for its particularly pleasant living environment. Whatever happens, finding a roommate in Toulouse will always be easy with Chez Nestor because you can book your room quickly on our site. Despite being the fourth most populated city in France, Toulouse is also a city with many green spaces. Indeed, it has more than 300 hectares of parks and gardens, which are among the most spacious in France. Toulouse is also a student city with many schools and universities. Toulouse is also known for its many companies operating in the computer, telephone and aerospace industries. If you are looking for a place to live in Toulouse, you can easily find your roommate by browsing through the different rooms available in our accommodations below. Reserving a room takes only about 10 minutes.

How do I book a roommate in Toulouse with Chez Nestor? 

From the page of the city where you want to move, make your search directly online thanks to the map or to the list of available accommodations. Once on the page of a room, you can see the virtual visit from your pc, tablet or smartphone. We do not offer real visits, everything happens online. If you have found the room of your dreams, you can book it right away by clicking on the "rent this room" button, which will redirect you to the booking process of your shared room. Fill out the simple online application and pay the service fee to confirm your reservation. Once your room is reserved, you just have to pay the prorata of the current month's rent on your client space in order to be able to get your keys back within 24 hours if necessary. You can pick up your keys either at the agency or in the key boxes available in different locations in the city where you wish to move in!

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Finding a rental property in Toulouse is becoming less and less obvious as more and more people want to leave Paris and move to Toulouse. You will surely become an expert in real estate visits because of the number of visits you will have to make before a landlord or an agency will accept to rent you a property due to the real estate tension. Fortunately, with Chez Nestor, you won't have to worry about this because our offer simplifies your life thanks to various features offered by our site.  Online viewing of rental rooms from your PC or smartphone saves you the hassle of having to travel to each home visit. You can find out more about your future roommates with some basic information such as their ages, nationalities, activities and the room they occupy. You will be able to book your room directly online and avoid the stress of waiting, since we do not select the best. In fact, we operate on a first come, first served basis. The first person who finalizes the reservation of his or her room on our site will be able to move in as soon as it becomes available. As soon as you pay the service fee for the room, your reservation is guaranteed, just like when you book a hotel room for example.

What is the type of shared apartment lease at Chez Nestor in Toulouse?

Each tenant at Chez Nestor will always be bound to one lease type. Your lease will be individual, which means that each roommate must pay rent independently. You will not have to arrange with other tenants to make a single payment of the total rent for the unit. Moreover, you are not jointly liable in case of non-payment of rent by one of the tenants. The individual lease is therefore the most secure solution in a shared apartment, and it is the only type of contract you will have to sign at Nestor.

What is the cost of living in a shared apartment in Toulouse?

The cost of living in Toulouse is much higher than in most French cities and this is due to the high rental pressure in the city but also because Toulouse is a very attractive city to live in.  In addition to being the fourth most populous city in France, Toulouse is a large city with a thriving economy, very popular due to its employment base linked to Airbus and its aeronautical industry, many French and foreign nationals come to live in the pink city. This has the effect of driving up prices in Toulouse and therefore inevitably the amount of rent or shared accommodation. Although the amounts to be paid are relatively high, they are overall a little less expensive than in Lyon (about 10% less) and much less expensive than in Paris (about 30% less), Toulouse nevertheless remains an agglomeration where the price of rent is on the rise. However, this data must be put into perspective by the fact that average salaries are also rather high in this city.  Moreover, the career opportunities are particularly interesting in many fields. Add to this the very pleasant living environment, the mild weather and a very appreciable southern accent and you have the explanation for the attractiveness and the rising cost of living in Toulouse. Average rental price in Toulouse Chez Nestor The average price of a Chez Nestor rental depends on several criteria such as

  • The tension of the rental market

  • Seasonality

  • The unique qualities of each rental we offer

  • The location of the apartment or house

This explains the variation in rental prices for our Toulouse roommates. During periods of high rental tension, expect rents to range from €500 to €850 on average, including all utilities, depending on the above criteria. Of course, we offer rooms in shared apartments at more moderate rents, but we also offer more premium apartments where you will have to pay a little more to benefit from a greater comfort. What is included in the rent of a shared apartment at Chez Nestor? The rental fee for a Chez Nestor apartment is broken down into two parts. The basic rent for your room plus the related charges, which always amount to 70 €. Apart from these costs, you will not have any other expenses during your stay in a shared apartment! You should know that the charges cover the following expenses: 

  • Internet.

  • Water.

  • Electricity.

  • Gas (if there is a gas stove for example).

  • Garbage tax.

  • Housing insurance

  • Condominium fees

Transportation in Toulouse

Toulouse does not have a very well-developed transportation system, but the metro, tramway and bus lines cover the vast majority of the city. With its two metro lines A and B, its streetcar line and its various transports linked to the SNCF, you should easily be able to get around the city. If that wasn't enough, you can always count on more than 45 bus lines to get you to your destination. The city is currently working on the creation of new metro lines to ensure even more fluidity in the movements of its inhabitants.

Student housing in Toulouse sector 1

Sector 1 is located in the hypercenter of Toulouse (with also a part of sector 2 and sector 5). You will find the well known neighborhoods of Capitole, Arnaud Bernard, Amidonniers or Les Chalets. Being extremely well located in the city, rentals and shared apartments are quite rare and booked quickly. It is also the most expensive real estate sector in the city. Very pleasant to live in because of its many bars, stores and amenities, but also because of the fact that it is crossed by the banks of the Garonne, this district is ideal for outings with roommates but also to visit the Capitole square and palace, the Jacobins convent and its theater, the Notre Dame de la Daurade basilica without forgetting the famous banks of the Garonne or the Saint-Pierre square where students, families and colleagues come to meet to enjoy a pleasant meeting place! Never far from the metro and bus lines, sector 1 will always lead your roommate to the right place!

Student housing in Toulouse sector 2

Sector 2, also known as the left bank of Toulouse, is mainly located in the hyper-center of Toulouse with the famous Saint-Cyprien district but also other districts such as Croix de Pierre, Fontaine-Lestang or Casselardit to name a few.  Except for the Saint Cyprien neighborhood which offers rather high rents for shared apartments, the other neighborhoods are more affordable but further from the city center. With the metro line A and the T1 tramway running through it, sector two will always be accessible via public transport.

Student housing in Toulouse sector 3

Sector 3, also known as the North sector, will be the most affordable if you want to share a flat at Chez Nestor in Toulouse. With neighborhoods like Minimes, Sept Deniers or the very funny Trois-Cocus, you'll find much more residential areas served by the metro line B and the tramway line 2.

Student housing in Toulouse sector 4

The eastern sector is sector 4, just like sector 3, it is much more residential although close to the city center, especially in the Lapujade and Joliment neighborhoods. The A and C metros pass through here to serve the entire eastern part of Toulouse. It is a great area to live with roommates since you will be close to the city center, schools and rents will be more affordable.

Student housing in Toulouse sector 5

Sector 5 of Toulouse is located in the south-east of the city and is divided into 3 large districts. It is mainly residential and is located in the heights. It is a place very appreciated by our roommates because different universities are present there like the faculty of pharmacy or the university Paul Sabatier which are connected by the line A of the subway. With its parks and green spaces, sector 5 is very appreciated by hikers, cyclists and picnic enthusiasts! Although a bit far from the city center, sector 5 is a pleasant place to live for those who want to move into a shared apartment in Toulouse and are looking for peace and quiet while living in a big city. In addition, the Toulouse Saint-Agne train station is nearby, which can be very convenient for your travels! 

Student housing in Toulouse sector 6

Sector 6 of Toulouse is divided into 5 large suburban neighborhoods and has several activity zones. Far enough from the city center, it is not the most interesting area for a future roommate because the amenities are not very present for the inhabitants of the area. Although the metro A serves sector 6, most of the neighborhoods in zone 6 are old burgs that have been rehabilitated into residential areas. It is therefore not the most suitable area for a student or a young worker looking for activities within walking distance or the excitement of downtown Toulouse.

shared accommodation in Toulouse

Chez Nestor offers apartments or houses with furnished rooms in Toulouse designed for students and young professionals. Looking for a student apartment in Toulouse for your studies? Book your room in a few clicks and benefit from many services! At Nestor, you will find a furnished apartment ready to live in. Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen with a microwave, an oven, a refrigerator and a washing machine. You will also have access to the internet, which is essential for your studies or internship research. Your private room will have a work area with a desk, quality bedding and depending on the size of your room, a living room may even be present!  Each Chez Nestor apartment is fully equipped, so all you have to do is put your suitcase down when you arrive to enjoy your new home!

Shared appartment in the heart of Toulouse

If you plan to work or study in downtown Toulouse, then Chez Nestor is the solution for you, as we have many shared apartments in downtown Toulouse. Whether it is in the Capitole district in the city center or on the left bank towards Saint Cyprien or Croix de Pierre, we have rooms to share that meet everyone's needs. At Nestor, you can also find rooms located in quieter neighborhoods, but still close to the city center, in order to facilitate access to places of interest and public transportation such as the metro or bus. In any case, your residence will always be close to the Garonne! Feel free to consult the map of Toulouse on the right side of the page to see the location of our shared flats, which you will be able to locate easily according to their location.