Our environmental commitments

Saving our planet through immediate and precise practices

Joivy is an innovative and conscientious business, placing global climate changes in top priority, along with providing better housing for young urban nomads.

Our team works hard to protect our planet through mindful energy consumption practices, using precise measures throughout our offices, warehouses and 1000+ bedrooms.

100% green gas

In all of our housing, 100% of the gas is made from biomethane, a biological alternative to fossil fuels. This green gas comes from decomposing organic materials – like food or farm waste.

The materials are then transformed into a clean gas through a treatment and purification process, before being pumped into the gas grid, and making its way to your new flatshare!

100% renewable energy

We use 100% local and renewable energy sources across all of our flatshares, in 2016, for example, our housing solutions were powered solely by hydraulic energy.

Our Guarantee of Origin certifies that the renewable energy pumped into the national grid corresponds to the annual energy consumption of our tenants.

10 million litres of water saved each year

All of our flatshares are equipped with innovative shower heads, reducing water consumption by 75%, all the while conserving the comfort of our tenants. In addition, our sinks are fitted with specific faussets, lowering water consumption by 70%.

Thanks to these initiatives, Joivy has managed to save 10 million litres of water each year!

Energy saving light bulbs

Joivy, 100% of our E14 and E27 light bulbs (the most common) are now LEDs.

This modification has resulted in reducing light bulb waste by 98%, as a result of LED bulbs lasting 40 times longer.

This investment has also lowered the light energy consumption of our tenants by 83%!

An end to CO2 emissions

Thousands of tenants join Joivy flatshares each year. Our team fully decorates, furnishes and equips all of the living spaces beforehand, so that the rooms are totally ready to live in.

Thus, our housing eradicates any need for removal vans, or many trips to and from destinations — as a result, our solutions save near to 300 tons of CO2 emissions, as well as hundreds of abandoned or thrown out furniture.

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  • Minimum paper processing
  • Carbon footprint reduced
  • Zero single use plastic
  • Zero coffee pod usage
  • Economic transport
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