The concept of Chez Nestor is very simple: We renovate apartments following the same codes for roommates and we rent them out. Our goal is to allow you to move into the perfect roommate without the need to go through an ad site. Don't waste your time searching for the perfect rental in Paris. Here's how to conduct your search to find the roommate in Paris that you need:

  1. Use this page to search for flatshare in Paris. Please note that most of the rooms we offer are in Paris.
  2. You can use the map at your disposal to sort the results visually according to the neighborhood or district that interests you. This way you can see the amenities near the apartment such as the metro or a particular square.
  3. Use the rent filter to stay within your budget , only see apartments that are priced right for you. The apartments you will see are not external ads but apartments that we have renovated with furniture and decoration. You will be in contact with us from the beginning of the rental process until the end !
  4. Each apartment is available immediately and first come, first served. Since our rooms are popular, you may not be able to reserve the room you need if you take too long to think about it and someone else books the room in the meantime, so be responsive!
  5. Visit the different rooms thanks to the virtual 3D tour you don't need to go anywhere to visit the apartment, the living rooms or the room you want to rent! You can see the state of the room, the style of the decoration, the location of each piece of furniture and more globally the state of the flat.
  6. Check who the other roommates are, for each room you will know if your roommate is a man or a woman, their age, if they are student or young worker and the room they already occupy.
  7. Finalize your search in the city of Paris by selecting the room that suits you best, make your reservation within 5 minutes and move in within 24 hours!

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Living in a roommate in Paris while being an Erasmus or international exchange student

Many of the roommates at Chez Nestor are out of town in France for a while, and of those, many are on Erasmus for 6 months to 1 year. If you are in Erasmus and you come to study in France or you come to do an internship. Then the solution at nestor will be very convenient for you.

We know that it is hard to find a flat share in Paris , especially for a foreign student who does not want to stay more than 6 months or 1 year. The advantage of our solution is that you can stay as long as you want in our rooms. About half of our accommodation is occupied by foreigners. Moreover you will not need to exchange with your landlord since your only point of contact will be our teams who speak your language.

Budget and rent

Whether you are a student, a young working person, an expatriate or a foreigner on an internship, finding a place to live is always a complex step during your moving process. Thinking about sharing a house is a good idea for several reasons whether they are social, budget or ease.


In Paris, the district of your choice is a very important decision criterion depending on the distance to your school or workplace. Therefore, choose your neighborhood carefully in relation to its distance from a metro or bus station. Obviously the price of your roommate in Paris will depend on several criteria such as the district of your search, the size of your room, the number of roommates or the type of housing.

Rent prices

With an average roommate price of about 600 €, the city of Paris is the one where you will need in France the biggest budget to hope to find a place to live and that doesn't matter which real estate agency or website you go through. But at this price you will only have a room of average quality and the common parts will be of the same quality. Moreover, you will not be in the center of Paris but in the outskirts or even in the outer ring.

If you want to live in a good quality furnished shared apartment, you will have to target rents of at least 800 €. At these prices your room will be of good quality, you will have a minimum of furniture and decoration but if you are in the hyper-center of Paris, don't expect to have large common spaces like a living room that can welcome your friends or serve as a Netflix evening between roommates.

With a budget of around €1,000 all-inclusive or a little more, you will be sure to find a high quality roommate in a downtown area of Paris. At this price, the services offered and the accommodation will be very comfortable. The common areas will be spacious and comfortable and will allow you to welcome friends or family for an evening or a meal.

Of course, these figures are averages and it is mainly the choice of neighborhood that will determine the average price per square foot that you will need to spend to move up in standing.

Rooms in an apartment or house

Roommates don't necessarily mean living in an apartment, but in Paris be aware that the closer you get to the center, the less likely you will be to find roommates in houses.

Roommates in apartments in Paris

Although it may be slightly less pleasant than in a house, Parisian apartment sharing can nevertheless have interior courtyards, balconies or sometimes even terraces. You will have good chances to see the Seine in Paris if you are located in the right arrondissement. However, you will usually have fewer rooms or less common space available and you will have to get used to the urban noise. Nevertheless, almost everything will be within walking distance from your apartment whether it is gyms, cinemas, stores and other places to go out. And even if you want to go to a specific district, you will often be very close to a subway which will facilitate your travel.

Roommates in a house in Paris

Every roommate will tell you, being able to enjoy barbecuing in your garden far from downtown Paris is more than pleasant during hot sunny summer days. However, this type of property is rarely available in downtown Paris roommates. You will have to spend a lot of time in the metro to get to your school or workplace. So whether you decide to live in a house or an apartment, each option will have its own set of advantages but it is often age or your place of work that will push you to make your choice.

Doing a roommate with students and young professionals

You've probably already thought about it, moving is a delicate step from a social point of view. Discovering a new city, a new neighborhood, new colleagues or a new culture is already very demanding. But meeting new people and making new friends is not easy. That's why sharing a flat is a great way to quickly develop new relationships with your roommates! Living with several people under the same roof is often very useful when integrating, especially in the city of Paris where the culture is particular.

Flatshares with students

If you are moving to Paris in a flatshare at Chez Nestor, then whether your roommate is a student, there is no doubt that you will be able to build friendships. You'll enjoy going out to bars, traveling with your roommate, partying all night long and meeting new people. Your life will be much more exciting but surely also more exhausting!

Another scenario is that your roommate is a student on an internship. Whether they are foreign to France for an end of study internship or French but away for a few months, you will have the opportunity to meet people from another culture !

Flatshares with young working people

Flatshares with young working people will in most cases be quieter than with foreigners who are studying or doing their internship in France or with a lambda student. Instead, plan Netflix and chill evenings, or pleasant moments of cooking. Often students prefer to live with other students and young professionals prefer to stay with each other but there is no rule in our roommates.