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Lille is the 10th most populated city in France but it is also one of the most student-oriented cities in proportion to its population. Lille is known to be a warm city which compensates for the sometimes hazardous weather of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Although you might not speak Chti in your roommate's language from the first month, you'll end up speaking a bit of Chti :p Roommates in Lille are a good way to save money in a city where the cost of living is already relatively low compared to Paris; although the price of the rent can go from simple to double depending on the neighborhood.  Living in a shared apartment in Lille is to feel the good mood of the city, to walk on the quai du Wault and to enjoy the Old Lille. It is also to be rocked by the water on the edge of the Deûle along the canal of Roubaix or the canal of Marcq. It is also to benefit from a proximity with Paris, with England and Belgium which makes it an ideal crossroads in France for the students who wish to travel or the young active people who must be mobile for their work. You can't escape the famous "rue de la soif" in Lille where many nightlife events are concentrated with its numerous bars, estaminets and other restaurants more or less typical of the region. With a bit of luck you can even live right next door which is perfect for a night out with your roommates in the center of Lille.  You can also take advantage of the big zenith or the aerial to go and see concerts but also of the Old Lille and its charming little stores. Finally, don't forget the famous "braderie de Lille" which gathers more than two million visitors every year and is a real tradition to do between roommates!

How to book a flatshare in Lille with Chez Nestor?

  1. Start by searching for the room of your dreams on this page. You can filter the results by price or by rooms available as a couple/duo or alone. The map will also be useful to easily visualize the location of the shared apartment in the city.

  2. Once you are on the room of your choice, you can visit it and the whole apartment in a virtual way, directly from your computer, phone or smartphone. This is the way to visit the apartment to save you time.

  3. Once you have chosen one of the apartments in Lille, you can click on the "rent this room" button to start the reservation process.

  4. All you have to do is create your account and fill in the necessary information for your reservation file, which will be very simple to create. To validate the reservation, you will have to pay the reservation fee, the deposit as well as the rent which starts on the date of availability of the room and is calculated on a pro rata basis from that date.

  5. Once the payments are made for the reservation, the room is reserved for you and will be available for you to move in on the date indicated. If the room is available immediately, then you will be able to pick up your keys at one of our agencies or in a designated box in town on the same day as your reservation if necessary!

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Why rent a room in Lille with Chez Nestor All students and young professionals will tell you: finding an apartment in a big city can quickly become a real headache and a source of frustration, stress and anxiety. You can schedule 5 visits in one day, print and give files containing several dozen pages to each owner and not get any apartment to rent. Then all you have to do is wait for the next day to relive the same cursed day. And even if you manage to find an apartment, you still have to plan the move. In short, expect a few weeks or even months of hardship before you get back to a more pleasant lifestyle.

Fortunately, thanks to Chez Nestor, all these worries are solved thanks to our totally digitalized shared accommodation solution! Our services will allow you : 

  • To rent a furnished and ready-to-live-in room. All the equipment necessary for your comfort is present on the spot, you just have to put your suitcase.

  • Meet new friends and discover new cultures! Many of our tenants are foreigners who live in France for their studies or for work. So even if you move to a new city, you will quickly meet new people.

  • Your online space allows you to book your room, sign your documents or pay your rent while keeping a history. You make your life easier while saving time!

  • As soon as you have paid the service fee, your room will be reserved for you. Forget the stress of waiting for a call from the owner to tell you if your file is validated or not.  Once you are comfortably installed in your roommate, you will always be able to count on our support in case of daily problems to ensure the maintenance of the apartment and to accompany you throughout your stay. 

The lease in a shared apartment in Lille Chez Nestor

The question of the lease in a shared apartment is essential because it can protect the tenants of the apartment in a more or less important way. Whether your roommate is in Lille or anywhere else in France, the logic is always the same at Chez Nestor. Indeed, you sign only one type of lease which is the "individual lease". So you are not joint if one of your roommates does not pay his rent and you can pay your share of the rent independently directly online on our website from your customer area. 

Transportation in Lille

With its 2 subway lines, its tramway line and its 13 bus lines, Lille is rather well served. However, the city is not very big, so it is possible to get around on foot or by bike. However, you should know that there is also transportation to Roubaix, Tourcoing and Villeneuve d'Ascq, which are large cities that are part of the Lille metropolis! What is the cost of living in a shared apartment in Lille? Lille is a very interesting city for its low cost of living in general. It is a big city, but the cost of living is lower than in the Paris area, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille or even La Rochelle for example. However, the average salary is relatively high compared to the cost of living. Lille is therefore an excellent city to study in because you will have less expenses but also to work in because the salaries are relatively high.

Average price of a shared apartment in Lille Chez Nestor

The average price of a Chez Nestor rental depends on several criteria such as

  • The tension of the rental market

  • Seasonality

  • The unique qualities of each rental we offer

  • The location of the apartment or house

These criteria can vary the prices of our shared apartments in Lille, so the average price of a shared apartment will cost between 350 and 550 € including charges. We also offer premium rooms at higher prices.

Flatshare in Lille in the Vauban - Esquermes area

It is one of the most appreciated districts by the students. With great schools like IESEG or its Catholic university with more than 10 000 students, this district is nicknamed the "green lung" of Lille. Indeed, with its more than 50 hectares of green spaces, its zoo, its parks and its gardens without forgetting its citadel, this district close to the Old Lille will be able to propose a number of activities appreciated within the framework of a flat sharing! Please note that this area is one of the most expensive to rent in the whole Lille metropolis. 

Shared accommodation in Lille downtown

With all its history, the downtown area of Lille, although more expensive than other districts, is a first-rate choice for those who wish to settle down in the capital of Flanders. You will find the famous Euralille shopping center, absolutely huge and right in the city center. With its pedestrian streets, squares, train stations, banks, stores and amenities, this neighborhood is perfect for those who want to enjoy the liveliness of the city center!

Shared appartment in Old Lille

Probably the most famous district of the city, this one is well named since you will be able to live in small paved alleys with a crazy charm! Here you will find original and quality stores, typical restaurants (the famous estaminets). Of course, this area near the city center has a cost and the rents are among the highest in the city.  

Student housing in Lille Fives and Bois Blanc

The Bois Blanc district is home to Euratechnologies, the famous start-up incubator where you could work if you are already in the workforce or if you are looking for an internship. The Fives district is different but will correspond to the same type of roommates, mostly students at the end of their studies or young professionals. Still popular, the Fives and Bois Blanc districts are quite affordable. 

Student accommodation i, Lille Wazemmes

Formerly a working-class neighborhood of Lille, this one is becoming very attractive. Close to the metro, the bohemian life sums up Lille Wazemmes. Eco-responsible and organic stores are flourishing there. Young professionals are particularly attracted to live in the Wazemmes district, which is close to the center of Lille and has all the amenities essential to daily life.