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Living in a shared apartment in Bordeaux Bordeaux is nowadays a very popular city for French people but also for foreigners who wish to live, study or work there. Only 2.5 hours by train from Paris, Bordeaux has become one of the most popular cities in France thanks to its dynamism and lifestyle. Only 40 minutes from the Arcachon basin and the Dune du Pilat, a prime location for planning weekends at the ocean, Bordeaux is also very well known at the regional level for its wines and its high quality wineries. Every year, several thousand foreign students come to Bordeaux to study, thanks to the Erasmus program among others, which proves that the city of Aquitaine knows how to be attractive. With its architecture, similar to that of the beautiful Parisian districts, its renowned schools and its mild weather, Bordeaux is a city where it is good to live and even more so in a shared apartment where you can meet people and discover the city that is nicknamed "the port of the moon". Student life is particularly rich here and living in a shared apartment is the perfect way to go out, meet new people, share good tips and make the most of the capital of the Gironde!

How to book a flatshare in Bordeaux with Chez Nestor?

You just have to navigate on this page which proposes the various rooms in roommate in Bordeaux and to click on the one which interests you to learn more. Visits are virtual only to save you time, allowing you to visit an entire apartment in a matter of minutes and then check out the room in another apartment without having to deal with travel time or finding available slots in your schedule! If one of the furnished shared rooms is suitable for you, you can then easily book it directly online from our website by clicking on the "rent this room" button, which will take you to the booking process. The reservation is also made online. All you have to do is complete the reservation steps which are very simple to validate in order to make it easier for you, and then make the payment of the reservation fee. Once the fee is paid, the room is automatically reserved for you! It's as easy as renting a hotel room :) From then on, your client space will be created and you will be able to pay the current month's rent on a pro rata basis from your account as well as the deposit in order to collect your keys from our agency or from secure safes provided for this purpose in partner businesses and you will be able to move in the day after the payment if necessary!

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It is not always easy to find a room to share in Bordeaux for a student or a young worker. Indeed, a landlord will often ask you for a very complete file and will privilege the potential roommates with the strongest file. Finding a room in Bordeaux can quickly become an obstacle course. Add to that the usual difficulty of moving, which can be a real problem if you are moving to a city where you don't know anyone and will have a hard time finding help. That's why Chez Nestor offers a solution to facilitate your search for a roommate. Finding a room has never been easier thanks to our services that allow you to :

  • To integrate a furnished room fully equipped with bedding, furniture and all the necessary comfort you need.

  • Discover new cultures, meet new people and create links with each roommate of the apartment! You have access to a certain amount of information about them for each apartment that we propose.

  • The visit, the reservation and the payment of charges and rents are done online to facilitate each process! You will save time!

  • As we do not select the best files, yours will not be refused, you will just have to make sure that you can present the maximum 3 documents requested once the reservation is made. As soon as you pay the service fee, the furnished room will be automatically reserved for you and you will be able to move in as soon as it becomes available.

  • Our service takes into account all the charges, as well as the maintenance of your roommate to answer all the daily worries and ensure the quality of the accommodation.

What will be your lease in a shared apartment in Bordeaux Chez Nestor ?

Rest assured, we only offer one type of contract for our shared apartments and it is an individual lease. This is the best type of lease that a roommate can hope to sign since it is the most secure. Indeed, with an individual lease, you are only responsible for the rent of your room. Furthermore, you are not responsible if one of your roommates does not pay the rent.

What is the cost of living in a shared apartment in Bordeaux

The cost of living in Bordeaux has increased significantly over the last 5 to 10 years. This has had an impact on every shared apartment. Although the cost of living is similar to that of Lyon, the cost of renting in Bordeaux is still a bit higher, probably because the rental market is so tight. Thus, finding a rental can be particularly complex. Indeed, the number of students is increasing and the number of places available in student residences is limited. You should also know that the city is more and more coveted by Parisians who wish to leave the capital to live in a more pleasant city like Bordeaux, which has the effect of pulling up rents. The same logic can be seen in Lyon. As the area of activity is very dynamic, it is rather easy to find a well-paid job there. Finally, the location, the weather, and the living environment are criteria that attract more and more new inhabitants, which will inevitably increase the cost of living and therefore the cost of housing, particularly in downtown Bordeaux. The cost of living is therefore between that of Paris and that of Lyon, and the cost of a shared apartment follows the same logic.

Average rental price of a shared apartment in Bordeaux Chez Nestor

The average price of a Chez Nestor rental depends on several criteria such as

  • The tension of the rental market

  • Seasonality

  • The unique qualities of each rental we offer

  • The location of the apartment or house

This explains the variation in rental prices for our shared apartments in Bordeaux. During periods of high rental tension, the rent can range from €550 to €850 including all charges, on average, and depending on the criteria mentioned above. Of course, we offer shared rooms at more moderate rents, but we also offer more premium apartments where you will have to pay a little more to gain in space and comfort.

What is included in the rent of a Chez Nestor shared apartment?

Chez Nestor's turnkey offer does not include any hidden fees. The amount of your rent is always calculated according to your base rent plus the charges which are 70 € all year long. These include :

  • Unlimited Internet.

  • Water.

  • Electricity.

  • Gas (if there is a gas stove for example).

  • Garbage tax.

  • Housing insurance

  • Condominium fees

Transportation in Bordeaux

Bordeaux's transportation network is governed by TBM (Transports Bordeaux Métropole), which connects the entire city. With its 4 tramway lines and 85 bus lines, you can get around safely. However, there is no subway in Bordeaux. Roommates in Bordeaux for erasmus students If you are a young professional or an Erasmus student in France, Chez Nestor's offer is made for you, if you want to move quickly to a new city for your studies or for work. Being able to make your visits remotely, fill in your application and pay your rent online to settle in a fully equipped flat share where you will only have to pack your bags, will make your life easier. You can forget about the stress of moving, the fear of having your application rejected or the difficulties of scheduling visits. Chez Nestor's solution is designed to make finding a shared apartment in Bordeaux as easy as possible!

Roommate in the 1st district of Bordeaux : maritime district

Also known as Bacalan, the 1st arrondissement of Bordeaux is a good choice of roommate for those looking for a quiet place to live in the city. Located in the very north and a bit far from the city center, you will find a choice of houses and shared apartments in mainly residential and commercial areas. It is not the most festive district, but there are plenty of green spaces and you can even stroll along the banks of the Garonne River, enough to take a few pleasant strolls between roommates!

Roommates in the 2nd district of Bordeaux: Chartrons, Grand Parc and Jardin Public districts

These neighborhoods are among the most peaceful in Bordeaux and, like the first arrondissement, are very pleasant to live in. With the appearance of small villages, life in a shared apartment is peaceful while being very close to the city center. These flowery neighborhoods are popular with families because of their proximity to schools, parks, stores, and cultural venues. Rents are therefore generally higher in these areas.

Roommate in the 3rd district : Bordeaux center

With its lively pedestrian streets and its dynamism, downtown Bordeaux is surely the best district to live in if you want to party, enjoy the bars and meet people. Its proximity to various schools and universities as well as to rue sainte Catherine, the city's main shopping street, in the heart of the historic center of Bordeaux, will charm students, erasmus students and young workers wishing to live in an apartment there.

Roommate in the 4th district of Bordeaux: Saint-agustin, Tauzin and Alphonse Dupeux districts

Straddling the center and the west of Bordeaux, these different neighborhoods, home to the university hospital, could well be the perfect place to look for a rental if you are a medical student. Crossed by the streetcar A and various bus lines, this neighborhood is very pleasant for its proximity to the city center and its many amenities accessible in a few steps.

Roommate in the 5th district of Bordeaux : Saint-Michel, Sainte-Croix districts

Very close to the city and very lively, this district offers nearly thirty recreational establishments as well as the famous Saint-Jean train station. Its Capucins market is very appreciated. Your roommate will also be able to go to the various bars and bistros which are more than varied there.

Roommate in the 6th district of Bordeaux south

With its lively Place de la Victoire and its Saint Jean train station, the district of Bordeaux south is a very good choice for those who want to live there as a roommate. However, it is a neighborhood where rents are relatively high due to its proximity to the city center and the quality of the housing.

Roommate in the 7th district of Bordeaux: the Bastide district

The only neighborhood on the right bank of the Garonne, la Bastide is the most affordable neighborhood in the city. A former industrial district, this area of the city is currently undergoing rehabilitation. You can discover the botanical gardens and the Angelic Park, perfect places to stroll with your roommates.

Roommate in the 8th district: Caudéran district

Being a former independent commune of Bordeaux, this neighborhood merged with the city in 1965, which explains its specificities. With the Bordeaux park, this district will delight future sportsmen and women who will be able to run around all year round and enjoy the greenery!