Shared accommodations in Lyon

Lyon, capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, is a dynamic city that attracts many students and young professionals to share apartments. Rents are much lower than in Paris, and housing is of high quality, which makes it an ideal city to live in. Thanks to the metro which serves all the districts of the city, living in a shared apartment in Lyon is one of the best decisions you can make. Indeed, the city is often preferred to Paris because it has the advantages of the capital without its disadvantages. You will be able to move around quickly in the different neighborhoods of Lyon and its suburbs. If you are looking for an apartment to share with students or young professionals in Lyon, our rooms are located in all areas of the city, whether in the city center or in more distant districts. As with any city, our shared rooms in Lyon are all well-equipped. Each room in our apartments or houses is fully furnished and ready to live in. In addition to the rooms, all of our apartments have fully-equipped common areas that vary depending on the apartment (living room, dining room, library, laundry room, chill-out area, outdoor area, etc.).  Check out the prices for each room and find the ideal roommate, the one that best suits your needs!  Don't hesitate to go to the bottom of the page to get detailed information about the different areas of Lyon to find the ideal location.

How to make your flatshare reservation in Lyon with Chez Nestor ?

Finding a rental in Lyon is becoming increasingly difficult because the real estate market is more and more tense. You must be prepared to make dozens of visits where you will have great chances of not being retained because you can be dozens to visit a potential housing sometimes by whole groups according to the way of proceeding of the owners. Fortunately with Chez Nestor you will not have this problem because our offer answers this problem by proposing :  The virtual visit of our homes from your computer. The discovery of information about your roommates directly on the page of the room you want to rent. The immediate reservation of a room as soon as you have filled out a very simple and fast application directly online and paid the service fee. From then on, your application cannot be refused and you will be assured that the room is reserved for you for the duration of your choice (minimum 1 month).

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It is not always easy to find a room in a shared apartment in Lyon for a student or a young worker. Indeed, a landlord will often ask you for a very complete file and will favor potential roommates with the strongest file. Finding a room in Lyon can quickly become an obstacle course. Add to that the usual difficulty of moving, which can be a real problem if you are moving to a city where you don't know anyone and will have trouble finding help. That's why Chez Nestor offers a solution to facilitate your search for a roommate. Finding a room has never been easier thanks to our services that allow you to : 

  • To integrate a furnished room fully equipped with bedding, furniture and all the necessary comfort you need. 

  • Discover new cultures, meet new people and create links with each roommate of the apartment! You have access to a certain amount of information about them for each apartment that we propose.

  • The visit, the reservation and the payment of charges and rents are done online to facilitate each process! You will save time!

  • Your application will not be refused, as long as you can provide the few documents requested (maximum 3). As long as you pay the service fee, the furnished room will be automatically reserved for you.

  • Our service takes into account all the charges, as well as the maintenance of your roommate to avoid all the daily hassles and ensure the quality of the accommodation.

What will be your lease in a shared apartment in Lyon Chez Nestor?

No matter which room you decide to rent, your lease agreement will always follow the "individual lease" rule. This means that each roommate will be solely responsible for the payment of their rent. In other words, if one of your roommates does not pay his or her rent, you will not be at risk, since the debt is not shared or joint.

What is the cost of living in a shared apartment in Lyon?

The cost of living in Lyon is much higher than in most large French cities and this can be explained by the high rental pressure in the city but also by the fact that Lyon is a very attractive city to live in. Indeed, whether it is because of its renowned schools, its activity basin where it is rather easy to find work in many fields and to make a career or its proximity to leisure areas, hiking, skiing or swimming, Lyon is a city that attracts new inhabitants every year which explains why the cost of living is relatively high, even if it remains more affordable than in Paris. To give you an idea, the cost of living is similar to Toulouse, Brussels or Munich.  Therefore, living in a shared apartment in Lyon is a very good idea since you will be able to reduce your housing costs, pay a more attractive rent while enjoying a very pleasant city to live in. It is therefore a more than logical choice for students or young professionals starting their career.

Average rental price in Lyon Chez Nestor

The average price of a Chez Nestor rental depends on several criteria such as

  • the tension of the rental market

  • Seasonality

  • The unique qualities of each rental we offer

  • The location of the apartment or house

This is why the price range can vary drastically. For example, during peak periods, the average rent for a shared apartment in Lyon Chez Nestor is between 500€ and 750€, including all utilities. Of course, some rents are much lower and others higher depending on the services of each apartment and their location.

What is included in the rent of a shared apartment Chez Nestor ?

The cost of renting a room at Chez Nestor is divided into two parts. The first part simply covers the rent for the room and varies for each room at the time of rental.  The second part is the charges and these are always 70 € per month. You do not have any additional costs to anticipate when you rent. The charges cover the following costs: 

  • Internet.

  • Water.

  • Electricity.

  • Gas (if there is a gas stove for example).

  • Garbage taxes.

  • Housing insurance

  • Condominium fees

Transportation in Lyon

If Lyon is such a pleasant city to live in as a roommate, it is also thanks to its transportation. Buses, subways and streetcars are available to get you everywhere in the city. The metro is likely to be your main transportation solution, as it only has 5 lines covering most of Lyon, it is rarely late and rarely totally crowded. It is therefore pleasant to take public transportation in Lyon. You can also take advantage of the vélo'v stations, which is a bicycle rental system spread throughout the city that is particularly economical. For only 15 € per year, you can take advantage of self-service bicycles for 30 to 45 minute trips included in the subscription without any extra cost. You can even take advantage of electric bikes for a slightly higher price! Lyon has many bike lanes so you're likely to get your calves done pretty quickly. 

Student housing Lyon 1er : Terreaux, République, Cordeliers districts

The 1st district of Lyon dates back to 1570 with the construction of the Hôtel-Dieu. It was built according to the latest and best European architectural processes in stone. Consulted by many travelers from all over the world, it is one of the most pleasant places to stay in Lyon. With its many stores and restaurants, it is very popular for its lively nightlife. However, rents are a little more expensive due to its central location which is extremely convenient.

Student housing Lyon 2e : From Bellecour to Perrache, in the heart of the peninsula

Lyon's second arrondissement was built in the 19th century and retains the historic buildings that are present on its current site. However, renovation work was undertaken in 2005 and most of the buildings are now restored with a particular emphasis on the rehabilitation and preservation of religious heritage. This one is moreover one of the most important of Lyon, and the amount of the rents is equivalent to those of the 1st district since this district is located in the peninsula of Lyon. The famous Place Bellecour linked to the shopping street, "rue Victor Hugo" is located in the 2nd arrondissement. These districts are particularly lively because they are located in the city center! The new district of Confluence is also very attractive and will allow you to enjoy the 2nd district in a different way thanks to its shopping center, its bars and its fancy restaurants!

Flatshare Lyon 3rd : Part-Dieu, Place Guichard neighborhoods

The third arrondissement of Lyon was founded in 1570, and this neighborhood has grown over the years. Many artists and intellectuals have come to seek refuge here. Part of the 3rd is now a residential area and rents are more affordable. The train station and the very popular Part-Dieu shopping center are two good reasons to live in this district! It is also the business district of Lyon and chances are that your company is headquartered in one of the three mythical skyscrapers of Lyon. If you are looking for a shared apartment in Lyon with students or young professionals, you will be well served in this area which is a good compromise for the quality/price ratio of the apartments and the pace of life which makes it easy to get anywhere in Lyon. This district is very extensive since it goes from the banks of the Rhone quay to the districts of Montchat and Grange Blanche, bordering the town of Villeurbanne.  Roommate Lyon 4th: Croix-Rousse and its slopes

The 4th district of Lyon is the historic district of Croix-Rousse.

It is a district that was marked by the golden age of the city, notably through its famous Canuts flea market (the famous silk weavers). Today, this area is a pleasant neighborhood where life is good and in some places, you could almost think you were in the countryside. With its slopes and its rise of the Grande Côte (which bears its name well), this district is very well known for hosting many local artists and craftsmen. Rents are a little more affordable than on the Lyon peninsula, the metro allows access to the Croix-Rousse plateau and the Gros Cailloux square, outside of the metro's traffic hours, but you'll have to be brave to get to the top. 

Roommate Lyon 5th : Old Lyon, historical center

The 5th arrondissement of Lyon is home to the Fourvière Basilica and the Saint-Jean Cathedral, two of the city's most important monuments. It is very well known for being home to Vieux Lyon, which is a very touristy area due to its historical architecture and its festive dynamism.  Appreciated by travelers from all over the world, who stroll along its cobbled streets and stop in the many Lyon "bouchons" to eat, it is a very pleasant district where the charm of the old is present at every corner. It is also famous for its lively nightlife and its many cafés, restaurants and convenience and souvenir stores. Rents remain affordable despite the central location. As for transportation, it is convenient and accessible thanks to the D metro line and the various bus lines that crisscross the 5th arrondissement.

Shared accommodation in Lyon 6e, the chic neighborhoods of Brotteaux and Parc de la tête d'Or

The 6th arrondissement of Lyon is the Brotteaux district, which will quickly remind you of Paris. It is a rather chic residential area, which includes the famous Parc de la Tête d'Or, reputed to be the most pleasant and spacious of the whole city. Rents are therefore higher here and it is even the most expensive place in the city to rent. The 6th arrondissement is mainly residential, so it is quiet, but it has the particularity of being very close to the hyper-center, which makes it an excellent choice in terms of practicality. Between the beauty of its buildings and its proximity to all of Lyon's essential places, it is one of the city's most prized districts for its quality of life. The 6th district also boasts prestigious restaurants and cocktail bars. 

Shared accommodation in Lyon 7th, From Guillotière to Gerland, a booming area

The seventh arrondissement of Lyon is the largest in the city, stretching from the Guillotière district to the Gerland stadium, where you can go to rugby matches as it is the mythical stadium of the LOU, in the south of the Rhone metropolis. It is also one of the areas with the lowest average rent in Lyon for a shared room, which makes it an ideal place for students and young professionals. It used to be a working class area with many factories, which have now been moved, rehabilitated or destroyed to make way for new ecological and social neighborhoods. It is a very dynamic, multicultural neighborhood, with many bars and stores and very well served by public transportation (metros B and D pass through). 

Flashare in Lyon 8e 

The eighth arrondissement of Lyon is one of the areas furthest from the center of Lyon. It offers many housing units and is mostly residential, especially in the heart of its very large "monplaisir" district. You will easily find local shops, public transportation and shared rooms offering moderate rents. A few restaurants, bars and a bowling alley liven up this district, which is currently undergoing a complete overhaul. 

Student housing in Lyon 9e

Finally, the ninth and last arrondissement of Lyon is special because you might feel like you're in a small town while still in Lyon. Being as far from the center as the 8th arrondissement, you'll be able to find a room to share at some of the lowest prices in the entire city! Although it is mainly residential since it is close to the famous commune of Saint-Cyr-aux-Monts-d'or, this neighborhood is still easily accessible thanks to the metro D which runs through it in several places. The ninth is particularly elongated along the quays of the Saôn