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Montpellier is the capital of the Hérault department and the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Its more than favorable climate ensures that you will live in one of the cities with the highest degree of sunshine in France. Its proximity to the sea (only 20 minutes from downtown) and its architecture make it a particularly pleasant city to live in. Therefore, if you are looking for a roommate in Montpellier, you will surely make one of the best decisions of your life! Montpellier is a particularly student-oriented city with 21% of its inhabitants pursuing higher education. Close to Italy and Spain, Montpellier is ideally located if you want to travel outside of France as well as to the major cities in France. Indeed, Béziers will be accessible to you in 1 hour of transport, for Marseille count 2 hours and only 3 hours for Paris via the TGV!  Finally, there are dozens of places to enjoy the city with your roommate such as the famous Place de la Comédie and the Charles de Gaulle esplanade but also the Jardin des Plantes, the Flaugergues castle, the charming Antigone district and many other places!

How to make your roommate reservation in Montpellier with Chez Nestor?

Finding a roommate with Chez Nestor means that the reservation process is easy and time saving. Traditional agencies force you to schedule several visits, to travel without knowing if the owner is going to retain your file or not. At Nestor the process is much simpler.

  1. Check out the shared rooms in Montpellier and select the one that suits you. You can use the available map to search by location and also filter your search by price or by whether you live alone or as a couple/duo.

  2. Wondering how to visit the roommate? The visit takes place only online thanks to the 3D visit of the apartment. This will allow you to quickly visit several flatshares in Montpellier in record time without disturbing the tenants already there.

  3. Have you found the apartment you need? Perfect, you can book it right now! Just click on the "rent this room" button

  4. Then, create your account or log in if you already have and fill in the information needed to reserve your Montpellier roommate room. The process is quick and easy. You will have to pay the service fee to validate your reservation. From that moment on, the room is reserved for you as if by magic!

  5. Now that you are sure that you can move into the room, you still have to pay the deposit and the prorated rent calculated from the availability date of the room. Once this is done, all you have to do is pick up your keys within 24 hours if needed at our Chez Nestor agency or in one of our partner businesses in town.  

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The sun, the beaches and the pace of life in Montpellier attract many French and foreign nationals each year, whether for work or study.  With the number of students in Montpellier, finding accommodation is not easy, especially since the city's population has been growing rapidly for years. This is why you may have difficulties finding your accommodation because many landlords will ask for very strong rental files and select those with the highest incomes. In addition to this first difficulty, moving is always a delicate and exhausting step. Fortunately, thanks to Chez Nestor's offer, finding a roommate and especially integrating it has never been so easy because our turnkey offer allows you : 

  • Join a fully equipped roommate: your room and the common areas have everything you need to live comfortably. All you have to do is put your suitcase down and free yourself from the burden of moving in!

  • Reserve a room in minutes without having to wait for a late reply from a landlord that may be negative.

  • Meet new people from different cultures. Since many of our tenants come from abroad, moving into a Chez Nestor apartment is a great opportunity to meet new people. Visit, reserve, rent and pay for your shared apartment from home. With online payment directly from your client area, your entire rental experience is simplified. 

  • Avoid communication problems with a particular landlord. You will be able to deal with all the daily hassles of your roommate by contacting our ultra-reactive support team. The maintenance of your apartment will never be a source of anxiety again. 

What will your roommate's lease be like at Chez Nestor in Montpellier?

No matter which room you decide to rent, your lease agreement will always follow the "individual lease" rule. This means that each roommate is solely responsible for the payment of their rent. In other words, if one of your roommates does not pay the rent, you are not at risk of anything because the debt is not shared.

What is the cost of living in a shared apartment in Montpellier

The cost of living in Montpellier is quite affordable, especially when you consider the quality of life in the city. Average salaries are relatively high when compared to the cost of living in Montpellier. Finding a job will be a little more difficult as the unemployment rate is slightly higher than the French average. However, for those who are eligible for qualified jobs, finding a job in IT, web, finance or in start-ups should not be a problem as there are many business incubators hosting future start-ups but also because there are large company headquarters such as DELL or Dyneff. Its proximity to Nîmes (only 30 minutes away by transport) can also broaden your professional horizons!

Average rental price in Montpellier Chez Nestor

The average price of a Chez Nestor rental depends on several criteria such as

  1. The tension of the rental market

  2. Seasonality

  3. The unique qualities of each rental we offer

  4. The location of the apartment or house

That's why the price range can vary from month to month or from roommate to roommate. Thus, during busy periods, you should count on an average rent of about 350 € to 450 € including all charges to stay in a shared apartment in Montpellier Chez Nestor. Of course some rents are lower and others higher depending on the criteria you want for your room and the time of the year.

What is included in the cost of a Chez Nestor shared apartment?

The cost of a Chez Nestor rental room is divided into two parts. The first part simply covers the rent for the room and varies for each room at the time of rental.  The second part is the utilities, which are always 70 € per month. You do not have any additional costs to anticipate when you rent. The charges cover with the service charges: 

  • Internet.

  • Water.

  • Electricity.

  • Gas (if there is a gas stove for example).

  • Garbage tax.

  • Housing insurance

  • Condominium fees

Transportation in Montpellier

There is no metro in Montpellier and that's good because it would be a shame to miss the sunshine locked in the basement. However, you can take advantage of 5 tramway lines that serve the city in an optimal way but also of 39 bus lines that will take you as close as possible to your destination in the whole city, to its outskirts but also to the sea!

Flatshare in Montpellier center

Divided into 8 well-known sub-neighborhoods, the city center of Montpellier is very pleasant to walk around. With the river Lez which passes through the very popular Antigone district and inspired by Greek architecture, the famous Place de la Comédie in the Gambetta district or the Beaux-Arts district and its small bohemian village spirit, the whole center of Montpellier is propitious to get lost and to stroll between roommates. However, these neighborhoods are among the most expensive in the city, although the price of real estate in Montpellier remains moderate. 

Shared accommodation in Montpellier Croix-d'Argent

Made up of 3 sub-neighborhoods, Croix-d'Argent is a mainly residential, agricultural and commercial area. It is therefore not the best neighborhood to live in if you are still studying, but as a young professional, your workplace could well be in Croix d'Argent! Another advantage is that these 3 sub-districts are very affordable and quiet.

Shared appartment in Montpellier les Cévennes

Just like the Croix d'Argent district, the 3 sub-districts of Cévennes are also among the least expensive in the city. However, they have fewer shops. This neighborhood is mainly residential and will suit roommates looking for calm in a big city.

Student housing in Montpellier Mosson

Also composed of 3 sub-neighborhoods, only one is recommended: the Celleneuve neighborhood with its warm village spirit. The districts of Paillade and Haut de Massane are to be avoided because of their bad reputation.

Flatshare Montpellier Hôpitaux-Facultés

Parks, transportation, bars, schools and nightlife summarize the 3 sub-neighborhoods of Hôpitaux-Facultés. Particularly appreciated by students for its nightlife and its green spaces, this neighborhood could be of interest to you if you want to party or if you are studying. This attractiveness and comfort of life explain the average rent in the area, which is among the highest in the city.

Student accommodation Montpellier Port Marianne

Beloved by the inhabitants of Montpellier, the Port Marianne district is divided into 4 very modern, even futuristic, sub-districts. There are plenty of housing and shops, and the rent is still moderate. Moreover, this neighborhood is the one in Montpellier that is closest to the sea. It is definitely a district of the future in which to live as a roommate! 

Flatshare Montpellier Prés d'Arènes

In the south of the city and close to Port Marianne, the Près d'Arènes neighborhood is also very close to the sea. Mainly residential, it is also very affordable and serves the whole city thanks to the public transport which serves many places in the capital of the Hérault. Although mainly family-oriented, this very quiet neighborhood is next to Croix d'Argent, which could be suitable for young professionals.